Use Kyligence in the long term

This section will introduce Kyligence license policies. Besides this hosted environment, you may also use Kyligence in your own cloud platform with a license.

You can apply for a 30-day full-featured trial with Kyligence Cloud by entering your work email on Kyligence Cloud Portal and clicking the TEST DRIVE NOW button to get started. See Kyligence Cloud quick start for details on how to deploy Kyligence on different cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and HUAWEI CLOUD.


Whether you are a business professional without a background in data analytics, or a seasoned data engineer, you can easily take on any data-related challenge with Kyligence.

During the trial period, you only need to pay for the cloud services you use, such as virtual machines and databases.

When your trial license expires, you can continue using Kyligence Cloud services with a commercial license. For details, please contact Kyligence business team.


If you are interested in experiencing our on-premises big data analytics solution – Kyligence Enterprise, please contact us for more information.

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